New Member Information

New Member Information

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a member of Faith Baptist Church! Here is a quick overview of how that happens! If you are ready to start the process please fill out this connection form and indicate you would like to become a member – Connection Card

What are the steps to membership?

  1. Meet with our Pastor. He will discuss the process, our church history, and purpose. He will also be glad to answer any questions you have!
  2. Review the church constitution, covenant, and by-laws. Download Now
  3. If you decide to move forward, fill out our church membership application.
  4. Followup Meeting with Pastor to answer any questions and review your membership application. You will discuss what the expectation is of you and what you should expect from the church family.
  5. At this point, if you and Pastor believe this to be the right decision, he will present your membership for a full church vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can’t I join immediately? We take membership at Faith Baptist Church seriously. We welcome anyone to our ministry but recognize that membership is a special privilege that requires prayerful consideration.
  2. What are the basic requirements for membership? Prospective members must be Scripturally saved through repentance of sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be baptized by immersion by a church of like faith and practice.
  3. Can I hold membership in more than one church? No, we only allow members to hold membership in one church at a time.
  4. Do I have to be baptized? Possibly. If you are saved and have not been scripturally baptized, we will gladly baptize you.
  5. I was baptized before, do I have to be re-baptized? Possibly. We only accept baptisms that are done after salvation by a New Testament church of like faith and practice. Our Pastor is responsible for determining if your baptism would be accepted.
  6. If I am baptized at Faith Baptist Church does that automatically make me a member? No. The process to become a member requires the church body to vote on accepting you as a member.
  7. Do you accept letters of transfer from my previous church? It depends. We only accept a letter of membership transfer from church of like faith and practice. If church is of like and faith and practice, Pastor will request a letter of transfer from them directly.
  8. My prior church was not of like faith and practice, what can I do? We can help! If you are serious about membership at Faith Baptist Church, Pastor will create a plan to help you become a member.
  9. I am not on good standing with my previous church, what can I do? Each situation is different and Pastor would be glad to discuss what needs to happen for your to join Faith Baptist Church.
  10. Do I have to attend all the weekly worship services to be a member? Yes. To remain a member in good standing, we expect you to attend all worship services unless providentially hindered.
  11. Is there a certain dress code to be a member? No. We ask that people dress in a way that honors God and is not worldly. We recognize that people are at different places in their spiritual walk and we want to help you grow in your understanding of what God expects.
  12. Do you believe members should tithe? Yes, we believe the Bible teaches the tithe is minimum that God expects us to give back to Him via the New Testament church.
  13. What if I want to join a different church? We understand that God may have different plans for you and your family. We gladly provide letters of transfer for members who leave in good standing for a church of like faith and practice.